My name is Mirko and I’ve been online since 2000. Starting as an operator in a (then) large chat, I developed an interest in online sales and eBay. Since 2005 I have been creating websites, shop systems and blogs independently. That’s how I came up with search engine optimization and I’ve been dealing with this topic ever since.

I quickly found out that search engine optimization doesn’t stop there. What good is one of the visitors if it does not turn into a customer. A directed flow of visitors is not everything – the basis is the website and how to directly turn the customer who comes from search engine optimization into a paying customer.

Therefore, since 2011 I have only focused on 2-3 customers. Here I knew the products and was able to concentrate directly on my customers and their wishes.

I specialized in Magento shop systems and WordPress in optimization. Ultimately, however, it doesn’t matter which system you bring forward. It depends on the product, the presentation and the ways of selling. You have to understand that it does not stop with search engine optimization and that it is not the only means.

Today I know that search engine optimization is a permanent process, not because you want to be found for Google, but for the person who ultimately visits the website found and moves on this website. Of course, you can fill in meta data and determine the text with a percentage using the keywords. You will definitely get a lot of backlinks too. But that’s not all.

What benefits does the website bring to my reader? What are my expectations of the visitor, what are my visitors’ expectations? Search engine optimization must not be based solely on the general algorithm rules – search engine optimization means increasing the user-friendliness of the website.

So hardly any agency knows the actual product. The agency knows its product – search engine optimization. And according to the textbook, the page speeds are optimized, scripts are outsourced, made mobile-capable, meta tags filled and texts adapted. (or everything just given as a tip) – I myself have always worked differently. I see myself as part of the sales team, help myself to improve the user-friendliness of the website, actively intervene in the sales strategies and show that search engine optimization is only part of the advertising. For me, the customer’s sales have always been in the foreground.